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twenty-nine. completed theatre major. completed film minor. livin' the retail life. major fangirl. yank who desperately wants to be a brit. youngest of four. soul member of group b. born on monday the twelfth. proud to be left handed.
singer. writer. movie buff. bookworm. ringer. whovian. trekkie. nugget. baker street irregular. westerosi. suitor. jewnicorn. mutant. avenger. ami. fannibal. footy fanatic.
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#it killed me and then i looked at the socks and it killed me again 

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favorite unpopular characters meme:
a character you love who gets hate for opposing a fandom favorite
Raoul de Chagny (The Phantom of the Opera)

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How to be Successful as Each Type: INFJ


Out of all the types, you have got to be the most mysterious and unknown. By nature you’re the most mystical and spiritual, plus you’re the rarest out of all the types. Lots of people claim to be your type because they want to be special, but they’re usually just mistyped INFPs or INTJs if not outright Sensors. It’s hard to meet anyone like you, so it’s difficult to describe your general personality. Your type is either living deep in some vast forest forming prophecies, or masquerading as a completely regular person who lives a normal life. You seem to have a penchant for forming visions. What are these visions, and where are they leading you? Saying that they’re highly personalized and private is not an excuse. There’s a strong possibility that you could be psychotic, or maybe just a faker. If you are honest and sane, tell everyone where your psychical intuitive abilities come from. And stop speaking in code; tell us exactly where humanity is headed, what our motivations exactly are, and how you know so much about everyone. By sharing your ideas with the world in a matter-of-fact way you won’t feel as misunderstood.

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RDJ - Esquire, backstage


RDJ - Esquire, backstage

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i want the “steve rogers is bi” movement to become so strong that people who arent in on it begin to question it. they’ll be like “he isn’t canonically bi… is he?” but they’ll never find a real answer bc so many people will be like “no. he is. he definitely is” and everyone will be confused and then his bisexuality will get written into movies

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Origins of Common UI Symbols

This is so cool

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default album art
Song: The Blowers Daughter
Artist: Damien Rice
Album: O
Played: 28,671 times.
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